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A boilerplate for Sass projects using the 7-1 architecture pattern from Sass Guidelines.

Sass Boilerplate

This is a sample project using the 7-1 architecture pattern and sticking to Sass Guidelines writing conventions.

Each folder of this project has its own file to explain the purpose and add extra information. Be sure to browse the repository to see how it works.

Using the indented syntax

Sass conversion

This boilerplate does not provide a .sass version as it would be painful to maintain both versions without an appropriate build process. However, it is very easy to convert this boilerplate to Sass indented syntax.

Clone it, head into the project and then run:

sass-convert -F scss -T sass -i -R ./  && find . -iname “*.scss” -exec bash -c 'mv "$0" “${0%\.scss}.sass"' {} \;

Use with Sass

When using sass - in order to build that boilerplate, one needs to:

  • install sass if not yet installed:
npm install -g sass
  • run build command from command line:
sass stylesheets/main.scss dist/main.css