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This autoblogger uses the GPT assistant's API to autoblog on ecommerce websites

How to autoblog using the ChatGPT Assistant's API

Firstly check out Income Stream Surfers on YouTube. There will be a few videos on how to use this script.

The best and easiest way to use this script is to use inside the simple folder. I can't seem to delete anything else from GitHub.

This is really powerful because we can use retrieval with some relevant files and upload them at the start of each thread, we can then use these files to create contextually relevant blog posts with very little effort, but with products and internal links already inside.

Step 1 - Products

Get a full list of your products, you can do this manually or you can use a script on your sitemap, or if you're on wordpress you can use a plugin to export all of your pages and images.

Step 2 - Keywords

I have simplified the keyword process, you just need a one column csv with the Keyword, column at the top, then whatever keywords you want below

You can put your niche into this into ChatGPT and ask for some stuff, give it some prompting, eventually it'll come out with something workable. You can even add your products to it to get better results.

Step 3 Internal links

Get a list of your internal links and put them in the same file as your images, this forms brandimagesandlinks.txt

Step 4 - OpenAI

You no longer have to change the script, simply change the config.json file to fit your business and your page tye.

Step 5 - The Content

The content comes out in a weird format, but you can easily use another script to format all of the content properly. You can use (which uses OpenAI 0.28, so you'll have to install that version first) to do this en masse.