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Enhancement - Multiple configurations

Open kamranahmedse opened this issue 7 years ago • 1 comments

It would be nice to have the functionality to add multiple files in the configuration. And when you click the "like button", if there is only one file in the configuration just like the link as it currently working but if there are more than one files, ask the file to be chosen and save the link to that specified file.

It would let me organize my likes more. For example, let's say I have the following categories

  • for all my design inspiration links
  • for all the good stuff that I read
  • for all the stuff that I can't read right now.
  • ..etc

kamranahmedse avatar Aug 09 '16 19:08 kamranahmedse

And what about splitting the likes inside folders with the month's name? I'm watching the sindresorhus repo and I'm thinking could be hard to read that README at the end of the year. What do you think about?

LasaleFamine avatar Aug 17 '16 12:08 LasaleFamine