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IAP Desktop is a Windows application that provides zero-trust Remote Desktop and SSH access to Linux and Windows VMs on Google Cloud.

IAP Desktop

IAP Desktop is a Windows application that allows you to manage multiple Remote Desktop and SSH connections to VM instances that run on Google Cloud.


IAP Desktop uses Identity-Aware-Proxy TCP tunneling to connect to VM instances, combining the convenience of a Remote Desktop connection manager with the security and flexibility of Identity-Aware-Proxy:

  • You can connect from anywhere, not only from selected networks.
  • You can connect to VM instance that do not have a public IP address or NAT access to the internet.
  • Because the TCP forwarding tunnel is established over HTTPS, you can connect even if your workstation is behind a corporate firewall or proxy.
  • You can control who should be allowed to connect to a VM in a fine-grained manner by using Cloud IAM.
  • You do not need to expose SSH or RDP over the public internet.

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IAP Desktop is an open-source project and not an officially supported Google product.

All files in this repository are under the Apache License, Version 2.0 unless noted otherwise.