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Sample code and notebooks for Generative AI on Google Cloud

Generative AI

Welcome to the Google Cloud Generative AI repository.

This repository contains notebooks and content that demonstrate how to use, develop and manage generative AI workflows using Generative AI, powered by Vertex AI on Google Cloud.

Folder structure

├── gen-app-builder/
    ├── search-web-app/                    - Demo of searching through document corpus using Enterprise Search
    └── retrieval-augmented-generation/    - RAG using Enterprise Search
├── language/
    ├── examples/
        ├── document-qa/                   - examples for doc Q&A
        ├── document-summarization/        - examples for doc summarization
        ├── langchain-intro/               - examples for langchain
        ├── prompt-design/                 - examples for prompts
        ├── reference-architectures/       - examples for use-cases architectures
        └── tuning/                        - examples of tuning models
└── setup-env/                             - setup instructions

Table of Contents

  • Language/
    • Getting Started with Generative AI Studio without code
    • Intro to Vertex AI PaLM API
    • Intro to Prompt Design
    • Examples/
      • Prompt Design/
        • Ideation
        • Question & Answering
        • Text Classifiction
        • Text Extraction
        • Text Summarization
      • Reference-architectures/ *NEW*
        • Product Description Generator from Image
      • Document Q&A/ *NEW*
        • Question Answering with Large Documents with LangChain
        • Question Answering with Large Documents (without LangChain)
      • Document Summarization/ *NEW*
        • Summarization with Large Documents with LangChain
        • Summarization with Large Documents (without LangChain)
      • LangChain-intro/ *NEW*
        • Getting Started with LangChain 🦜️🔗 + Vertex AI PaLM API
      • Tuning/
        • Tuning a Foundational Model, Deploying, and Making Predictions

Setting up your Google Cloud project

You will need a Google Cloud project to use this project.

  1. Select or create a Google Cloud project. When you first create an account, you get a $300 free credit towards your compute/storage costs.

  2. Make sure that billing is enabled for your project.

  3. Enable the Vertex AI API.

Setting up your Python or Jupyter environment

Please see the README in the setup-env folder for information on using Colab notebooks and Vertex AI Workbench.

Google Generative AI Resources

Check out a list of Google Generative AI Resources like official product pages, documentation, videos, courses and more.


Contributions welcome! See the Contributing Guide.

Getting help

Please use the issues page to provide feedback or submit a bug report.


This repository itself is not an officially supported Google product. The code in this repository is for demonstrative purposes only.